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*Example: The interest rate is variable and is set individually. For an annuity loan of 150,000 kr with a term of 12 years, a nominal interest rate of 6.4% without set-up or notice fees, the effective interest rate is 6.59%. Total cost: 215,282 kr or 1,495 kr/month (144 payments). The repayment period is 1–20 years. Effective interest varies between 3.01% and 39.5%.

This is how the process works when you apply for a loan with Compari:

1) Fill in the form

You fill out your application and submit it.

2) Get up to 40 offers

We send your application to the loan brokers with the best chance of getting your loan approved.

3) Choose the best offer

Choose the offer that best meets your needs, completely without obligation.

When a loan intermediary chooses to accept your application, they carry out a credit report. Sambla uses UC, while Klara Lån uses Bisnode or Creditsafe. This may mean that several credit checks may be taken when applying with Compari.

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When borrowing money, you should always research the market first. You can save a lot of money by finding the right loan. Right now you can compare offers from 40 banks and lenders. It is completely free and 100% non-binding to apply.

Then you can calmly choose your best offer. All loan offers are adapted to you and your finances! The money is paid out to your account after you sign your agreement, either with BankID or a paper agreement.

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Finding the right loan can be difficult. There is a jungle of lenders which can make it all very confusing. We do not recommend that you apply for a short-term loan. There are often better options. Here at, we help you find the right loan for you.

Only a simple application is required.

If you need a loan of up to 600,000 kr, a personal loan may be the right type of loan for you. The same applies if you are interested in consolidating your loans to get a better overview and better conditions. You can compare several offers free of charge and non-binding here with us.